Men’s Republican Club


 The First Republican Club of Aston Township 


 The First Republican Club of Aston is a organization for the purpose of providing social interest, companionship and fellowship to its members while promoting the ideals and fundamentals of the Republican Party. To qualify for membership, an applicant must be male and have reached his eighteenth birthday. Likewise, he must be a registered member of the Republican Party and an elector in good standing with the Delaware County Board of Elections.

One of our goals is to increase club membership in order to continue the fine tradition of the Republican Club, but to also get a diverse cross-section of opinion on the issues confronting Republican voters. There are many issues of interest and concern at the local, county, state and federal level that we must confront as both residents and republicans. This is especially true at the current time at the local level in our Township. Our club is a great forum to discuss your interests and concerns and a means of letting your elected officials know how you stand on the issues. Elected Committee People and Commissioners regularly attend our meetings, so you can certainly get their ear when you have interests and concerns about your community.

We need to increase our membership in order to continue our work. Monthly meetings are held on the First Monday of each month at the Aston Republican H.Q. Aston, Pa. 19014.   If you are interested in joining the First Republican Club of Aston Township, please contact: use our Copntact Form and select Lester Berry.

As a member of this organization you will get a good understanding of the Republican Party at the “grass roots” level, enabling you to make a positive impact on the party now and in the future.


Regular Monthly Meetings held on the first Monday.

Robert Mullaney, President

Anthony Georeno, Vice President

Len Balestrieri, Treasurer

Ray Church, Secretary

For more information use our contact form and select Mensclub:
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