2021 Important Dates to Remember




PA General Election Day – November 3, 2020 – Go Vote!

Remember to get out and vote on November 3rd for the Pennsylvania General election!

Register To Vote!

New – Register to vote online! Deadline to register to vote is April 13, 2020!

“With all the millions of people who vote in any given election, does my vote really count?” Perhaps you feel like you can’t really make a difference, so why bother? The truth is that your vote does count and you do make a difference every time you vote!

Your vote holds your local and national leaders responsible for the decisions they make. Your vote sends a message about the issues you think are important. Your vote affirms our rights as free citizens to elect our government and take part in democracy. Without voting, there could be no democracy.

Congratulations To Our Endorsed Candidates for Commissioner

Congratulations to John Dougherty (1st Ward), Lester Berry (3rd Ward), Nancy Bowden (5th Ward) & Mike Higgins (7th Ward) on there success completing the first step towards re elections & election as a Commissioner by winning their respective primary elections on May 21st.

We offer special congratulations to 5th Ward Commissioner Nancy Bowden! Nancy is always working hard for the citizens of the 5th Ward who rewarded her with their vote, allowing her to handily defeat a primary challenge. Thank you Nancy for all you do for Aston.

Aston 5th Ward un-official results for Commissioner
Nancy Bowden – 229
David Kelso – 130
It was nice to see so many residents come out to vote for the Best person to move Aston & the 5th ward into the future.

2019 Leni AC Trout Derby

What a great event! Commissioner Bowden and Commissioner Graham stopped by the Lenni AC Trout Derby. Such a wonderful event for the youth of Aston! Fantastic job Lenni AC Club….

I Am A Republican Because…

  • I believe that the proper function of government is to do for the people those things that have to be done but cannot be done, or cannot be done as well, by individuals, and that the most effective government is government closest to the people.
  • I believe that good government is based on the individual and that each person’s ability, dignity, freedom and responsibility must be honored and recognized.
  • I believe that free enterprise and the encouragement of individual initiative and incentive have given this nation an economic system second to none.
  • I believe that sound money management should be our goal.
  • I believe in equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, creed, age, sex or national origin.
  • I believe we must retain those principles of the past worth retaining, yet always be receptive to new ideas with an outlook broad enough to accommodate thoughtful change and varying points of view.
  • I believe that Americans value and should preserve their feeling of national strength and pride, and at the same time share with people everywhere a desire for peace and freedom and the extension of human rights throughout the world.
  • Finally, I believe that the Republican Party is the best vehicle for translating these ideas into positive and successful principles of government.